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⚠️ Disclaimer

  • This Framework & Strategy are still experimental and under heavy development. It is not recommended running it live at this moment.
  • Always make sure to understand & test your MoniGoMani configuration until you trust it, before even thinking about going live!
  • I am in no way responsible for your live results! You are always responsible for your own MoniGoMani configuration!
  • MoniGoMani should always be re-optimized after doing manual changes!
  • You need to optimized your own copy of MoniGoMani while thinking logically, don't follow your computer blindly!


Make sure that you have all the following available on your system before proceeding:

  • Python3 - Python 3 is required.
  • Pip3 - Package manager to install & manage Python packages.
  • Git - Software version management
  • cURL - Command line data transferring through URLs, usually already installed
  • Expect - A tool for automating interactive applications
  • TA-Lib - Technical Analysis Library written in C
  • VSCodium - (Optional) A light weight open-source IDE that comes pre-installed with good color codes to make it easier to read .json and .log files & many more great features.

Additional Debian & Ubuntu requirements:

  • Switch sh to bash - Run sudo dpkg-reconfigure dash, this will ask whether you want dash to be the default system shell. Answer No (Tab then Enter) and bash will become the default instead.
  • Python-venv - The installer will prompt you how to install it on your version

Additional MacOS (BigSur) requirements:

  • Install brew
  • Install xcode util 12.3
  • Install hdf5 - brew install hdf5
  • Install c-blosc - brew install c-blosc
  • Install tables - pip3 install tables

Installation instructions

MoniGoMani provides an all-in-one setup tool. It will guide you through the entire installation procedure. Not only for MoniGoMani, but Freqtrade also. You want the entire package, right? You will be up & HyperOpting (or Dry/Live Running) in no time! 🤙

To run the, just run the following command:

/usr/bin/env sh <(curl -s "")

Shell Alias

Add an alias in the config file of your shell (eg. ~/.bashrc), then you can use MGM-Hurry everywhere as simply mgm-hurry ...! 😄 Without a shell alias you will be limited to only being able to use MGM-hurry in its installation folder with python3 -m pipenv run python3 ./mgm-hurry ... prefixed to it.

The ì should ask you during the initial installation if you wish to add a shell alias. If you did not add it through the installer then you can still manually add the shell alias by executing following commands:

  • For bash:
    # Replace '/path/to/installation/Freqtrade-MGM/'
    echo "mgm-hurry() { pushd /path/to/installation/Freqtrade-MGM/ &> /dev/null; python3 -m pipenv run python3 ./mgm-hurry "\$@"; popd &> /dev/null; }" >> ~/.bashrc
  • For fish:
    mkdir -p ~/.config/fish/functions/; touch ~/.config/fish/functions/;
    echo "function mgm-hurry" >> ~/.config/fish/functions/
    # Replace '/path/to/installation/Freqtrade-MGM/'
    echo "pushd /path/to/installation/Freqtrade-MGM/ &> /dev/null; python3 -m pipenv run python3 ./mgm-hurry \$argv; popd &> /dev/null;" >> ~/.config/fish/functions/
    echo "end" >> ~/.config/fish/functions/

For other shells you'll have to look up where it's config file is stored & add a similar alias there.

After installation

After installation all you need to do to get started is run:

mgm-hurry up

That's it you successfully installed MoniGoMani and/or Freqtrade! You can now start using MoniGoMani for HyperOpting/BackTesting/Dry/Live-running! Congratulations 🎉 This is only the beginning though, now please read the & to learn how to use it properly!

OS Support Priority list

  1. Linux/Unix (MoniGoMani is written on Linux, for Linux!)
  2. MacOS (Thanks to topscoder and other MacOS users)
  3. WSL (Because we have to give those Windows users something..)
  4. Docker (Perhaps someday, but not at this point in time..)
  5. Windows (Such a SpyWare infested OS will never receive support for this project!)